Digital Control


Digital control of dc-dc converter offers features and power beyond the reach of traditional analog control. These include advanced control schemes, small count of passives, controller auto-tuning, and features rich smarter system-integration.

At the same time, digitally controlled switchers are highly nonlinear systems challenging the designers to the utmost of rigor and creativity.

In this milieu, SiWays with its 10+ years of experience in digital control of converters, caters to the needs of customers from product definition to the delivery of complete design in ASIC/FPGA.

Core Expertise:

  • Digitally controlled dc-dc converter custom IC/IP development
  • Conversion of an existing analog controlled switcher IC to digitally controlled switcher IC with added features
  • Behavioral model development for industry standard EDA tools to aid design of digital switchers
  • System level design and feasibility studies
  • Design of high-resolution digital pulse width modulators (DPWM)

Related Areas of Strength:

  • FPGA based prototype design and testing
  • Digital control loop design and analysis
  • Mitigation of nonlinear effects in digital control including limit cycles and saturation-generated oscillation