Custom IC Design

SiWays provide a complete solution to customers spanning all stages of IC development: from concept through
design, layout and prototype-testing. Our significant track record in design and verification of analog and
mixed-signal ICs and an extensive portfolio of customisable IPs allow us to actively help customers reduce
the risks and cost of their product design.

What We Offer

  • Feasibility study and concept definition
  • Optimal selection of architecture and process technology
  • Cost, timing and risk assessment
  • Circuit design and layout
  • Physical Verification
  • Special needs (High voltage circuits, ESD protection, etc.)
  • IC Design kit development from DRM
  • Test-chip development for complete validation of Analog libraries
    and I/Os (including ESD)
  • PDK development for both BCD and CMOS processes
  • Technology Migration or Porting
  • Proof-of-concept prototype / application board development

Customisable IPs

SiWays offers a portfolio of IPs that can be customized and commercialized to
target specific application requirements.

  • DC-DC converter (inductor based)
  • DC-DC converter (switched-cap)
  • Analog PWM controllers
  • Digital controllers for dc-dc converters
  • LDO regulators (with and without cap)
  • LED drivers
  • Charge pumps
  • POR
  • Gate drivers
  • Analog switches (USB 3.1 gen2, USB 2.0)
  • Load switches
  • IOs (Buffers, Power Pads, I2C, SSTL, HSTL, and more)


Experience of designing in variety of process technologies from major fabs and IDMs
– Process: CMOS, BCD, HVCMOS
– Nodes: 40nm, 90nm, 0.13u, 0.18u, 0.35u, 0.5u

We can design for the fab & technology node of customers choice depending on the requirement

Core Expertise

Power Management

SiWays has been delivering custom IC design solutions optimized for battery powered
applications since it was established.

  • DC-DC Converters (capacitive and inductive)
  • High-frequency DC-DC Converters
  • Low Power Linear Regulators (LDO)
  • Analog Switches
  • Load Switches

High Voltage Design

As an extension of our power management expertise, we have built up extensive experience
in HV CMOS and BCD technologies with voltages up to 80V

  • High-Voltage DC-DC converters
  • High-Voltage low drop out regulators
  • Gate drivers
  • Panel matrix line drivers
  • LED drivers

Control Schemes

We offer our expertise in choosing appropriate control schemes for a particular application
and also provide behavioral level solutions which can be easily simulated in the usual
integrated fashion in industry standard IC design packages

  • Traditional voltage and current mode control schemes
  • Ripple based control schemes
  • Sliding mode control schemes
  • Controlled ON and OFF time schemes
  • Pulse skipping and burst mode control schemes for ultra light load
  • Modulation schemes for high frequency operation
  • Controllers for tracking supplies

CAD Engineering

• Expertise in all major industry-standard EDA tools
• Development and customization of PDKs in BCD and CMOS processes:
– Technology files
– Schematic & Layout PCELLs
– Verification and Extraction decks